Winston Wilbur Webster
The Webwise Bear
brings you his own sense of useful wisdoms.

Brief Bio

Winston Wilbur Webster bear began his career at the Hollywood Hands-On Computer Learning Center in North Hollywood, CA. There, along with members of the IATSE unions, the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild, he learned computer basics (the operation of DOS/Windows, Macintosh, and Amiga systems), basic office software (word processing, spread-sheet, and relational database), and CAD (pixel-based painting, vertex-based drawing and drafting, 3D-modeling, 2D and 3D animation and multimedia interactive software).

While he was there he was introduced to the newly growing Web by his companion Stephanie. Her interest was in the development of VRML which would eventually lead to the Web becoming a new theatrical venue. Webster has developed a focus on another aspect of the Web; the sharing of experiences that happen only in the mind.

Four years ago Stephanie moved to Silicon Valley to focus on web site development and Winston happily joined her there. Now, after spending much time in enjoyment and study of the Web, Winston has decided to share his own brand of wisdom on the Web through his own website production.