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Winston's editorial note:
The United Scenic Artist Union is a division of the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades.

One day, while sitting in his living room, Bob glances around at the walls. He notices how drab they are looking and decides to redecorate.

"I'm going to redecorate," he comments aloud to his budgie, who is happily flying round the room.

He drives down to the store and chooses some lime green paint.

Returning home, he paints the walls. Now he notices that he has a bright yellow budgie flying around the room, clashing with the colour of the walls. He drives back to the store and asks the storekeeper for a small pot of lime green paint for the budgie.

"What's that for?" askes the storekeeper.

"I'm coordinating my budgie," replies Bob.

A week later, Bob is growing bored of the colour of the walls. He goes back to the store and buys some sky blue paint. Once again, the lime green budgie clashes with the walls, so he returns to buy a small pot of the sky blue paint.

"You don't want to repaint your budgie," warns the storekeeper,
"Two coats of paint will kill him."

Ignoring the advice, Bob re-coordinates the budgie. Sure enough, the budgie dies. Bob returns to the store to complain.

"I told you," says the storekeeper, "That second coat is dangerous."

"Oh, it wasn't the paint," replies Bob, "It was the blow torch I used to remove the first coat."